At Caterpillar, every generator and every complete generating system is tested to the highest standards of quality to make sure that the power you need will be there when you want it.

For prime power, standby power, peak shaving or whatever special applications you may have, these hihgly dependable electrical power generating systems can be counted on to perform consistently to your own demanding standards.




Sound Attenuated Enclosure
Because generators tend to be noisy, we also cater for weather-protective sound attenuated enclosures, which are zinc plated and made from galvanized steel, to protect both the machinery and those who work with it from noise and vibration. We use anticorrosive paint protection and high gloss polyurethane paint for durability and scuff resistance.

Our accoustic canopies are designed to give a sound level of 80 dBA at 1 m.
Additionally, Scomat provides other sound proofing options which can be suited to your specific needs.


Fuel Tank
The generator incorporates a day tank which normally caters for 8 hours autonomy as a standard. At Scomat, we provide bulk tanks that allow a longer autonomy, that can go up to even 1 week, to suit your needs.

Amongst our solutions, we also cater for automatic transfer of the fuel from the bulk tank to the day tank of the generator.
We can supply extended capacity base tank to up to 48 hrs autonomy


Automatic Changeover Panels
Automatic Changeover Panels can be connected to the generator and the mains so as to immediately start your generator and transfer your load to the generator in case of a power cut.
We offer a wide variety of automatic changeover panels.


Control Panels
More than 1 generator can be connected to each other to power your loads. We can provide control panels with synchronising panels incorporated in your generator sets or separate synchronisation panels depending on your needs.